Used to tackle the following fires

Class A – Fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles.

Class B – Fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol and spirits.

Our AFFF foam fire extinguishers are all round extinguishers, making them the ideal solution for almost every environment including offices, shops and factories.

Not for use on electrical equipment it is common to pair up a foam extinguisher with a CO2 extinguisher to create all round protection.

Our extinguishers are manufactured to the highest standards, approved and certified to BS EN3.

1 litre Spray – 5A 21B

2 litre Spray – 8A 55B

3 litre Spray – 13A 89B

6 litre Spray – 13A 144B

9 litre Spray – 21A 183B

We deliver free to the following post codes:


Your new fire extinguisher needs to be commissioned by a competent person. We will do that for free when you buy from us.

We will position your fire extinguisher and fit a wall hook if required. We can also supply a floor stand if you don’t want your extinguishers wall mounted.

We offer fixed price, all-inclusive service plans for every make, type and size of fire extinguisher.